Annual Health Checks


We include our Health Checks with every vaccination. We also include them within our consultation sequence when dealing with other problems.

Health checks are a key part of your pets care. We believe in trying to help keep animals healthy by looking after diet and preventive measures such as flea and worm control. We also try and spot problems early so that more serious issues can be avoided.

Our health checks include the eyes, ears, nose, teeth, hair, coat, listening to the chest and the heart and lungs, feeling the tummy for any abnormalities, measuring body weight and checking for changes since the last visit. Checking the skin for any lumps that should not be there, asking about any changes in eating, drinking, peeing or poohing, or any other behaviour changes. We also check on neutering and offer advice on diet and dental hygiene.

We believe that better health is achieved by prevention of problems – this means that we need to check our pets remain healthy.

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