On arrival at the surgery your pet will be admitted for surgery at a separate reception dedicated for surgical procedures. This gives you the chance to discuss any queries or concerns with the theatre staff. You will be asked to read and sign an anaesthetic consent form outlining the procedure your pet is booked for.

We fully understand that leaving your pet for surgery, whether it is routine neutering or more complex surgery, can be worrying for both you and your pet.

We aim to make your pets stay with us as stress free as possible, dogs and cats are kennelled in separate areas and we treat pets with the same care and consideration as if they were our own.

If your pet is especially anxious about leaving you, we can offer a pre- anaesthetic sedative whilst you are present. We also ask that you leave us with a contact number that we can reach you on for the duration of your pets stay, this enables us to contact you not only should we need to discuss treatment for your pet but also to arrange a collection time if your pet becomes anxious on waking.

On discharge you will be given postoperative care advice for your pet along with any medication that has been prescribed, dates for check up or stitch removal, dressing changes etc. will also be arranged.

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